TechMine - About

TechMine is a community of people involved into innovative entrepreneurship in Silesia, Poland (4 mln + region of advanced industries). We promote the region as a famous not only from the fact that it has coal mines but also from the technology „mined” here often on a global scale. It is an initiative aimed at entrepreneurs, investors and people involved in technology in various industries, with particular emphasis on IT.

TechMine is the place of meetings, exchange of information and experiences. It is also a space for the presentation and promotion of technological solutions, mutual support to entrepreneurs and investing in innovative ventures.

TechMine is a not for profit organization which main objectives are:

  •  supporting of economic expansion and promotion of entrepreneurship
  •  promoting and developing of the innovations in the economy
  •  providing financial services adequate for the innovative ventures
  •  development of science and innovative economy cooperation
  •  making easier to access financing for SMB


TechMine – now in Silesia instead of coal we mine the technology!